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Oncolytic Viruses 

Can I propagate the oncolytic viruses and generate new stocks for my lab?
Yes! Our “standard titer” viral stocks are recommended for this application.
Do I need biosafety approval to receive oncolytic viruses?
We do not require you to have received biosafety approval before we ship you oncolytic viruses. However, most institutes do require that scientists and labs have biosafety registration and approval from the institutional biosafety review committee prior to using and experimenting with any recombinant viruses. Please treat all oncolytic viruses as a biohazard and take the necessary actions to ensure personnel and environment protection.
US customers (excluding those in Minnesota) purchasing VSV or vaccinia viruses are required to provide Imanis with a copy of their USDA permit to transport the virus(es) across state lines before we will ship. Refer to the USDA website for more information. (When completing the application please note that Imanis VSV’s are derived from cDNA encoding the attenuated lab-adapted Indiana strain of VSV, and NOT wild type VSV).
Can oncolytic viruses be administered to animals intravenously?
Our high-titer (“High Titer”) oncolytic viruses are suspended in biocompatible buffer and can be injected intravenously into animals. We suggest diluting the viruses to the desired dose level in sterile normal saline and keeping them on ice until use. Our high titer and high purity (“High Titer”) viral stocks are prepared specially for in vivo antitumor efficacy experiments and are convenient for studies in mice.
Do you offer custom generation of oncolytic viruses?
Unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer custom generation of oncolytic viruses.
I live outside the United States. Do I need an import license to receive viral products?
Each country has its own set of rules and regulations regarding import of infectious agents. We will work with you to ensure safe and timely delivery of any viral products and provide documentation as necessary. We have successfully shipped our products internationally many times. However, it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to inform us of any specific import documentation that is needed, prior to shipment.
Due to transport regulations on category A substances, we cannot ship any VSV products internationally at this time.
Can I add my viruses to the repository?
Yes! We would love to grow our repository of well-characterized oncolytic viruses. Please contact us at to discuss further.

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Oncolytic Viruses 


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