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Imanis is honored with an award from the LifeScience Alley New Technology Showcase Winner 2013

LifeScience Alley 2013 Conference to Highlight Innovative New Medical and Health Technologies

November 12, 2014, Imanis Life Sciences, Rochester MN

MINNEAPOLIS, Sep 26, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — LifeScience Alley announced today that 10 life science and health technology organizations will be exhibiting cutting-edge products as part of the association’s New Technology Showcase at the 2013 LifeScience Alley Conference. Three of the 10 selected organizations will be presenting their technologies during the luncheon plenary session in front of an audience representing more than 450 national and international life science and healthcare organizations. The Conference will take place on November 20 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minn.

During the luncheon general session, Omnis Pharma, Inc., of Rochester, Minn., will discuss its development of a cancer-selective virus particularly suited to destroy relapsed or metastatic cancer cells. Rebiotix, Inc., of Roseville, Minn., will be presenting the Microbiota Restoration Therapy (MRT) which delivers live, human-derived microbes to patients’ intestinal tracts to restore microbial balance and treat certain diseases. Additionally, VGBio of Naperville, Ill., will demonstrate its remote patient monitoring and predictive analytics system, which converts patient vitals into actionable, clinically significant information to aid in proactive care.

These organizations will be joined in the New Technology Showcase exhibit area, located in the exhibit hall, by seven other finalists: CogCubed, a Minneapolis, Minn., company exhibiting a unique approach to diagnosing and treating cognitive health by analyzing game play data and transforming it into objective results; Datuit, LLC., a Roseville, Minn., company displaying a platform allowing patients, family and clinicians to confidentially share medical information; Imanis Life Sciences, LLC., a Rochester, Minn., company showcasing a novel, gene-based platform for promoting non-invasive, long-term imaging technologies in living beings; Mednology Solutions, LLC., an Excelsior, Minn., company exhibiting a proprietary technology system designed to improve efficiency in the management of medical emergencies; NanoVault Medical, LLC., a St. Paul, Minn., company sharing a cellular and biotherapeutic delivery technology to treat autoimmune diseases; ReMind Technologies, based in Houston, Tex., exhibiting a smartphone-based medication dispensing device with integrated disease management software and Skyline Medical, Inc., an Eagan, Minn., company showcasing a fully automated surgical fluid disposal device with unlimited capacity and real-time fluid volume data.

The New Technology Showcase provides an opportunity for companies around the world to apply for the opportunity to exhibit innovative medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health technology products.

About the Selection Process This year’s finalists were selected by industry experts. Presenting and exhibiting organizations are selected based on the novelty of their technology, its market potential and its ability to improve patient outcomes while lowering per capita health care costs.

About the LifeScience Alley Conference The largest gathering of life science industry professionals in the Midwest, LifeScience Alley’s Conference brings together global leaders in the life science and healthcare industry to identify trends, share expertise and influence the direction of healthcare innovation. This event includes professionals from more than 450 organizations worldwide, including representation from more than 24 states and 10 countries. Experts will address changes in the regulatory and reimbursement environments, technical innovation and business operations and finance, keeping participants at the leading edge of the rapidly shifting healthcare environment. The 2013 conference features three keynote addresses, six breakout sessions, a new technology showcase and nearly 100 exhibits.

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