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NEW human NIS with enhanced TFB uptake for superior PET imaging of NIS in gene, cells and virus studies

November 16, 2016, Imanis Life Sciences, Rochester MN

Imanis is proud to announce the launch of a new line of NIS specifically tailored for PET imaging using the high sensitive tracer F18-tetrafluoroborate.

This new NIS, NISplus, has been generated through mutagenesis and molecular modeling and has enhanced uptake of the PET tracer compared to wild type parental human NIS. It is now available exclusively through Imanis at the same price as the parental wild type NIS. Try it out today for your PET imaging in vivo studies. Available as a lentiviral preparation in 0.25 ml or 1.0 ml formulations.

Link to NISplus product.

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