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Imanis Life Sciences is a growing biotechnology/life sciences company based in Rochester, Minnesota, a friendly city ranked in 2018 Top 100 Best Places to Live. Our mission is to advance pharmacokinetics and imaging, and promote widespread adoption of noninvasive in vivo imaging in preclinical and clinical research.  We are a leading provider of products and services to accelerate development of viro-immuno-oncology drugs.  Our team of dedicated and passionate scientists (PhD, MSc, BSc) works closely with clients to facilitate their research, including study design, custom products, consultation, and contract research.

Imanis offers great opportunities for those who want to grow their own potential while working as part of a tight knit team of scientists and professionals. Employees will build on their own expertise and learn new techniques in their own fields, and also have opportunities to learn about many different aspects of company development, including marketing, business development, and operations. As part of the Imanis team, employees contribute to cutting edge research with direct links to clinical applications. Imanis offers competitive compensation, flexible schedules, and several benefits, including generous PTO, a matching Simple IRA plan, and more.

We look forward to meeting you in the future at our new laboratory facility.


Imanis Life Sciences has an opportunity to join our team as a Scientist. We are looking for a highly motivated individual interested in working within a multidisciplinary team. In this role, the successful candidate will develop, improve and implement a variety of laboratory assays. They will perform complex laboratory procedures and techniques to contribute to the timely completion and success of sponsored research projects. They will also support activities related to product manufacturing and R&D projects.

Scientist (Virologist)

Imanis Life Sciences is looking for a virologist to join our team in the role of Scientist.  The successful candidate will contribute to the development of novel gene therapy techniques by executing and troubleshooting molecular biology experiments, such as designing qPCR assays, viral titration assays and other cell-based assays.  They will also plan and execute scientific research projects under minimal supervision.

Research Technologist

Imanis Life Sciences has two openings for Research Technologists. We are looking for highly motivated, organized, flexible, meticulous individuals interested in working within a multidisciplinary team. In this role, successful candidates will develop, improve, and implement a variety of laboratory assay, and perform complex laboratory procedures according to standard operating procedures. They will contribute to product manufacturing and quality control, as well as the timely completion and success of sponsored research projects and R&D projects.

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