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Imanis Life Sciences is a growing biotechnology/life sciences company that is a leading provider of research services and laboratory assays. Our mission is to accelerate development of novel therapeutics by providing researchers with high-quality products and services for all stages of research. Our scientists are experts in virology, immuno-oncology, cell and vector engineering, and assay development.

When you work at Imanis Life Sciences, you become part of our vision to improve and save lives through scientific research. We offer scientists a place to thrive, providing tools and support that promote a highly collaborative, engaging, and innovative culture. Imanis offers great opportunities for those who want to develop their scientific careers and grow their own potential while working as part of a tight knit team of scientists and professionals. As part of our team, you will contribute to cutting edge research with direct links to clinical applications.

Imanis offers competitive compensation, flexible schedules, and several benefits, including generous PTO, a matching Simple IRA plan, and more. Come work with us in friendly Rochester, MN – ranked 3rd in 2022’s Best Places to Live in the U.S.

Current Opportunities:

  • Lab Manager

    We are looking for a highly-organized and level-headed laboratory manager to ensure that all lab operations run smoothly. The Lab manager maintains environmental, health and safety protocols. To be successful as a laboratory manager you must be able to multitask, and be highly organized and proactive. A top-notch laboratory manager combines their experience in the science field with excellent managerial skills.

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  • Preclinical Study Coordinator

    We are looking for a detail-oriented, organized Preclinical Study Coordinator to manage preclinical small animal research studies that evaluate the safety and efficacy of oncolytic viruses. To be a successful as a Preclinical Study Coordinator, you must have excellent record keeping, communication, and data management skills. As the Preclinical Study Coordinator, you will combine your experience in the science field with practical knowledge of project management.

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  • Virology and Cell Engineering Research Technologist

    We are looking for multiple experienced, biotechnical Research Technologists to join our Virology and Cell Engineering science teams. Research Technologists must have a background in microbiology or virology and have experience with cloning and the use of CRISPR for gene editing. Successful Research Technologists are able to plan and execute experiments independently while collaborating with other team members to advance cross-functional scientific projects.

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  • Virology Scientist

    We are looking for experienced scientists in oncolytic virotherapy to join our Virology team. Virology scientists must have a PhD or masters in molecular/Cellular Biology, Virology, Biochemistry, or a related field. Successful Virology Scientists must be able to independently plan and execute scientific research projects while being able to collaborate with the greater scientific team.

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  • EHS Coordinator

    We are looking for a diligent and highly-knowledgeable Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator to develop and implement EHS procedures, programs, processes, and systems to ensure compliance with regulatory and company requirements. The EHS Coordinator is responsible for leading gap assessments of existing programs and identifying continuous improvement opportunities. A successful EHS Coordinator has excellent communication skills and is highly knowledgeable in ANSI/NFPA/DOT/EPA/OSHA Regulations and Standards.

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  • Research Associate

    We are looking for a Research Associate with experience in cell culture to help characterize novel viruses by developing and performing in vitro cell-based assays. Research Associates are required to maintain appropriate cell lines and engineer and characterize new cell lines as required for assay development. A successful Research Associate is able to learn new laboratory techniques quickly and be able to collaborate with others as part of a scientific team.

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