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Imanis specializes in NIS antibodies and offers some of the best anti-NIS antibodies on the market today. We also offer an anti-VSV that works for a variety of applications.

Our Antibody Collection

Imanis antibodies

Our antibodies are licensed directly from the laboratories of premier NIS cell biologists, including Dr. Sissy Jhiang (Ohio State University), Dr. Sabine Costagliola (University of Brussels), and Dr. Nancy Carrasco (Yale University). All of our antibodies are tested extensively in-house for suitability for different applications. Together, our NIS antibodies work well for a wide range of applications, including immunoblot, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, and flow cytometry. We also offer our own anti-VSV antibody, which works well for immunoblot, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, ELISA, flow cytometry, and VSV antibody neutralization assays.

Recommended Imanis antibodies: by target and application

Target Western
Immunofluorescence Flow cytometry Immunohisto
Intact cells Permeabilized
Intact cells Permeabilized
Human NIS SJ1(REA004) VJ1(REA002)

VJ2 (REA003)


KELE (REA010)1


VJ2 (REA003)


Mouse α-hNIS (REA011)


KELE (REA010)2

Rhesus NIS SJ1 (REA004) X SJ1 (REA004) X SJ1 (REA004) X
Rat NIS α-rat NIS (REA008) X α-rat NIS (REA008) X α-rat NIS (REA008) α-rat NIS (REA008)3
Mouse NIS α-rat NIS (REA008) X α-rat NIS (REA008) X α-rat NIS (REA008) α-rat NIS (REA008)3

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