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Oncolytic Viruses

Our oncolytic virus repository includes ready-to-use viral stocks to support in vitro and in vivo research in oncolytic virotherapy.

The Oncolytic Virus (OV) Repository

Oncolytic viruses (OVs) selectively destroy cancer cells and amplify the antitumor immune response. Newly created OVs can be compared to similar viruses in the repository to establish equivalence or superiority. The Imanis OV repository includes well-characterized ready-to-use viral stocks, several which are analogous to viruses currently in Phase I and II clinical trials. We are continually expanding our OV repository; please contact us if you would like to discuss adding your virus to our repository.

Standard and High-titer Stocks

Many of our viruses are available as either standard or high titer stocks. Our standard titer stocks, available at a lower price, are ready-to-use in vitro studies. Our high-titer purified stocks undergo three rounds of plaque purification, are carefully concentrated, and are tested to ensure they are free of detectable endotoxins. As a result, these stocks are ready for immediate use in animal studies.

Highest Quality Viruses

Our viruses undergo extensive quality control analyses so that you can choose Imanis with confidence. Each virus is tested for sterility, enodotoxin levels, and the ability to cause the appropriate cytopathic effects (CPE). And for viruses that contain transgenes, expression of the transgenes is verified through an appropriate assay. The titer of each virus is routinely re-tested to ensure accuracy.

International Customers

Please contact us before placing orders for oncolytic viruses. Some of our viruses have import restrictions.

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