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Measles Virus


Measles VirusType: (-) ssRNA enveloped paramyxovirus

Strain: Edmonston vaccine lineage (live attenuated)

Tropism: The Measles virus hemagglutinin (H) protein mediates binding to the following cellular receptors

Gene Map: (Arrows indicate transgene insertion sites)

Measles Gene Map

Proposed Uses

Standard titer stocks are ready to use for generation of new viral stocks. High-titer purified stocks are ready for immediate use in in vivo studies.

Protocol Tips

Propagation: Inoculate producer cells (e.g. Vero cells) at an MOI of 0.02 for 2-3 hours. Collect the cells when 80-90% of the cell monolayer has formed syncytia. Lyse the cells by 2 freeze/thaw cycles in liquid nitrogen. Remove cell debris by centrifugation. Freeze and store aliquots at or below -70oC.

Viral Titration: Titer virus by TCID50/mL endpoint dilution assay on Vero cells. Score CPE positive cells based on the presence of syncytia 4-5 days after inoculation.

Regulatory Information

Risk Group: 2

US shipping license required? No.

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