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At Imanis, the same team of expert scientists who make our products are available to provide you with support and answer your questions. To get in touch with us, fill out our contact form below or contact us at: (for scientific technical support or ordering) (for general inquiries or questions regarding licensing)

+1 (507) 218-2559 (to speak with us directly)


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  • Ordering

    How to place an order

    We love doing business with new customers! And we’re happy to provide any information you might need to get Imanis set up as a vendor at your institute. Contact us and let us know what information you need.

    Domestic orders:

    • Add items to your cart and purchase directly from our website.
    • Email us a purchase order.
    • Place an order by phone (507-218-2559) and pay using a credit card.

    A domestic shipping charge is added to all orders. Please see the Shipping tab for more information.

    International orders:

    • Email us a purchase order.
    • Place an order by phone (507-218-2559) and pay using a credit card.

    For international shipments, our shipping costs vary (see Shipping tab). Please contact us to verify that we can ship to your location and to request a quote that includes shipping costs. We will not ship any of our VSVs internationally and some of our other viruses also have destination restrictions, so contact us if you are interested in a virus.

    Paying for Orders

    For your convenience, we accept ACH payments, wire transfers, and credit card payments. Please note that international credit card payments can sometimes take additional days to clear.

    We will not ship any orders until we receive payment or an accepted PO (see below). For international orders we require pre-payment prior to shipping.

    It is our standard practice to add shipping costs to your order. We can, however, accommodate requests to pay for shipping using recipient DHL or FedEx accounts.

    Purchase Orders (PO)

    We review all POs and will provide a written (email) confirmation of all POs that are accepted. We require new customers who wish to purchase by PO, to complete a credit application. The credit application review process can take up to 2 weeks; POs will not be accepted until the credit review is complete.

    For urgent orders please contact Credit card payment is preferred for rush orders.

    Survey of Intended Use

    Imanis maintains a confidential record of end-users of our products and their intended uses. This effort is intended to protect the company’s interests as well as fulfill Imanis’ obligations to other entities from whom certain technologies have been licensed. As such, we require a completed Survey of Intended Use for each order placed. No orders will ship without a completed survey. We will email a copy of the survey to customers once an order is placed. And a copy of our Material Transfer Agreement can be found here.

    USDA Transport Permits

    A USDA APHIS VS 16-6 or 16-6A permit is required for all domestic orders of vaccinia viruses or VSVs with a shipping address outside of Minnesota. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain this permit and provide a copy to Imanis. For more information or to apply for the permit click here.

  • Shipping

    Domestic (US) Orders

    Shipping is $115 per order ($35 for plasmids).

    Orders are shipped Monday through Wednesday of each week, except when holidays cause altered scheduling. Orders will be shipped the same day if payment (or accepted PO) and all necessary paperwork is received by 11 AM CST. Otherwise, the order will be scheduled for the next available shipping day.

    Most orders are shipped via FedEx standard overnight shipping on dry ice. And will arrive by 3 PM the day after they are shipped. Plasmids and orders including any VSVs are shipped via 2-day shipping. For rush orders please contact

    A tracking number for the shipment will be provided when the shipment is prepared.

    International Orders

    Shipping costs vary based on destination and product type. Please contact us for a quote. Duties and taxes are not added to the cost of shipping. If assessed, these charges are the responsibility of the recipient.

    Orders are shipped Mondays and Fridays, depending on the destination. Payment and all necessary paperwork must be received by 5 PM CST the day before they are scheduled for shipment.

    Our standard carrier for international orders is DHL. However, for most orders we can accommodate requests for FedEx shipping, though additional fees may apply.

    We make every effort to ensure that international shipments arrive at the final destination promptly and do not get held up in customs. We prepare a commercial invoice for all international orders. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform Imanis of additional documentation that is needed to clear customs. Documentation can take several weeks to obtain for certain products, so please allow ample time for proper document preparation.

    A tracking number for the shipment will be provided when the shipment is prepared.

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