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Vaccinia Virus


Type: Linear dsDNA enveloped poxvirus

Tropism: Vaccinia virus enters cells via macropinocytosis and unknown cellular receptors giving the virus a broad tropism (most mammalian cell types)
Gene Map of VV(Li)-RlucGFP-hNIS-tRFP:

Vaccinia Virus Gene Map

Proposed Uses

Standard titer stocks are ready to use for generation of new viral stocks.

Protocol Tips

Propagation: Inoculate producer cells (e.g. Vero) at an MOI of 0.1 for 2-3 hours. After 48 hours harvest culture supernatant and cells and freeze-thaw or sonicate three times. Clarify the supernatant by low-speed centrifugation and purify through a  sucrose cushion.  Resuspend the viral pellet in 1mM TrisCl, pH 9.

Viral Titration: Titer virus by TCID50/mL endpoint dilution assay. Score CPE positive cells based on the presence of dead cells 3-5 days after inoculation. Alternatively, titer viruses by plaque assay and crystal violet staining. Vero cells can be used for TCID50 titrations.

Regulatory Information

Risk Group: 2

USDA transport permit required? Yes, you must have a USDA transport permit to ship Vaccinia virus. Please visit the USDA website to apply.

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