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Imanis NIS Reporter Gene Imaging Featured in MI Labs Newsletter

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March 13, 2015, Imanis Life Sciences, Rochester MN

You will learn how and why NIS reporter gene imaging is an important part of drug development in virus, gene and cell therapies.



1. Can you explain what NIS reporter genes are and how they can be used in cancer  therapy?

2. So how can NIS reporter genes been used for other non-thyroid oncology therapy?

3. Which non thyroid oncology treatment are you currently developing?

4. In your research which imaging tools do you use to detect and quantify the viral oncolytic activity?

5. What is the added value of MILabs systems for your research?


MILabs ( was founded in 2006 as a spin-off from the University Medical Centre Utrecht, the Netherlands. MI Labs is now a leading manufacturer of preclinical (rodents to midsize animals, e.g. rabbits) multi-modality microSPECT/CT, microPET/CT or microSPECT/PET/CT scanners. MILabs’ first commercial successes with U-SPECT and U-SPECT/CT has led to a continuum of new developments that further improved the performance and functionality of their imaging systems. In 2011, MILabs introduced VECTor, an extremely user-friendly, fully integrated simultaneous SPECT and PET imaging technology with uniform and isotropic 0.75 mm resolution PET.

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